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How Much Do Google Ads Management Packages Cost In India?

Are you searching for PPC Packages in India? Panjosocial offers affordable Google Ads Pricing Packages for small to large businesses in India. We help you make the best use of your Google advertising budget. We are one of trusted Google advertising agencies in India that helps businesses to spot their positions at the top of search results through our PPC Management Packages.

We offer three different PPC packages in India exclusively designed to help our clients achieve their Google ads marketing goals. Continue reading to know “How Much Do Google Ads Cost.”

PPC Packages: Affordable Google Ads Management Pricing Plans For Small Businesses

If you are new in the online market, you’ve to wait a lot to get your first lead from search engines. In case you want speedy results for your efforts, you have to go with PPC packages. But, Always trust PPC experts when it comes to PPC services. There are many so called PPC experts who will do it wrong and your money and efforts will be wasted. At RankON Technologies, we have Google ads certified professionals having more than 8 years of experience in managing PPC campaigns for international clients.


10,000 INR / Monthly

Best for Startups


18,000 INR / Monthly

Best for Small Business


30,000 INR / Monthly

Best for Large Business

Quick Results & Better ROI With Our Best In Class Google Ads Management Packages

Pay Per Click Advertising is the best and quickest way to generate leads for your business. As image shows, when you start running ads on Google your ads start appearing in front of your buyers thus you have great chances to get leads.

To run ads on Google you need a website or landing page where visitors can land after clicking on your ads. PPC advertising costs a bit higher than other digital marketing methods but provides quick results. You will be charged for every single click you get on your ads in Google. RankON Technologies offers affordable yet effective PPC marketing packages for small to large-scale businesses. Our team of experts keeps monitoring the results your ads are getting and takes required actions during PPC ads optimization to increase ROI. When you partner with RankON Technologies for PPC services you get top quality PPC strategy to outrank your competitors.

Importance Of Off-Page SEO

One of the most vital benefits of off-page SEO is that it helps verify authority with search engines. When other sites give a link back to your site, they signal to search engines that you have helpful content that others find valuable enough to reference. Search engines then award this by boosting your visibility in SERPs.

Why Panjosocial For Of-Page SEO Packages?

If you’re looking for the best off-page SEO packages, Panjosocial is the best choice. Our expertise in search engine optimization has helped businesses over many years, making us one of the top-notch agencies of digital marketing services.

Our Off-page SEO packages are focused to meet precise client needs. They work with clients to identify their goals and create a customized strategy that will help achieve those objectives.

Benefits Of Off-Page SEO Packages

One of the direct benefits of off-page SEO packages is raised traffic to your website. When accomplished correctly, link building can push more traffic to your site from other admirable websites. This means that you will not only have a higher volume of visitors but also more altered leads since they are coming from places relevant to yours.  Another benefit is enhanced domain authority and page authority. Search engines use domain authority and page authority as meaningful aspects in deciding rankings.

Need Off-Page SEO Packages? Get In Touch

Are you stumbling to get your website noticed in the overcrowded online space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you wrapped with our off-page SEO packages! Our team of experts comprehends the matter of building a strong online presence and will work with you to construct a customized off-page SEO strategy that meets your special requirements and objectives. By partnering with us, you can expect to see higher search engine rankings, increased traffic, and ultimately, more conversions and revenue for your company.